The title of the article speaks for itself :)

Although it is not the best practice, sometimes it can be a situation when we need to use this option of scaling, and it happened to me. Some details need to be clarified right away:

1. AWS is working to create such a service.

Here you can see the second possible implementation option, which is a little more difficult to implement. But it didn’t suit us.

2. Using my version, the downtime is one and a half minutes. …

When we do not use the MongoDB database correctly, we can often face the thing that the server CPU becomes 80% or even busier. This is not very pleasant, and most often people do not understand what the problem is, but simply scaling the server vertically.

Sometimes it is worth looking at the problem from a different angle. In this article we are going to explain how to find the root cause of such issues. And how to do it in an automated way.

The inspiration for this post was the following article:

While reading the ‘Troubleshooting MongoDB 100% CPU…

Sergey Kuyanov

God, bless open source.

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